"Teachers Pet, four Akron lads, put out a terrific regular-old-rock single called "Hooked On You", on the local Clone Records, but weren't rewarded the hit they deserved".(Ken Tucker-The Rolling Stone "History of Rock & Roll" -1st Edition 1980)
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CD Released! The long awaited Teacher's Pet CD finaly released!
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Chicago, IL, February 12, 2008 – Smog Veil Records announces full-length Teacher’s Pet release. The self-titled album will be available for purchase online and in stores on April 8, 2008.

The Teacher’s Pet album features 15 audio tracks. The first 12 were recorded at Rick Daily Studios in 1979 (originally produced and mixed by Ron and Kal Mullens, with additional production in 2006 at Kal's Korral). The three live tracks were recorded the same year at the Robin Hood in Kent, Ohio. The release also features five video tracks.

Label owner Frank Mauceri explains the label’s interest in getting this material released: “While Northeastern Ohio gets its share of punk rock accolades, the area is often overlooked for its power pop prowess. Lucky Pierre, Wild Giraffes, and Teacher’s Pet make up the original fearsome threesome from there, each incorporating what the area is known for: a healthy cynicism, a smart ass attitude, and the chops to keep the punters interested. Teacher’s Pet incorporates those elements the best, in my opinion. Whether it was an ode to a few stomped souls in Cincinnati, or some teenage treats down at the hot dog stand, this is the band that stuck to the ideals. Listen to these classics, lost since 1979, and I think you'll agree.”

The band was included to The Rolling Stone Illustrated History of Rock & Roll in 1980, when Ken Tucker wrote “Teacher’s Pet, four Akron lads, put out a terrific regular-old-rock single called ‘Hooked on You,’ on the local Clone Records, but weren’t rewarded with the hit they deserved.” This was the band’s only release to date (“Hooked On You”/”To Kill You” seven-inch, Clone Records, 1979).

Teacher’s Pet is Ron "Pete Sake" Mullens on keyboards and vocals, Kal "Rex Lax" Mullens on guitar and vocals, Bill "Billy Whipp" Tomazic on drums and Gary "Jack Hammer" Elliot on bass guitar. The fifteen tracks on the record are: 1. “Can't Do That,” 2. “Fast Food Baby,” 3. “Don't Need You,” 4. “Hooked On You,” 5. “(Meet Me At The) Hot Dog Stand (In Half An Hour But Don't Tell Your Dad),” 6. ”Cincinnati Stomp,” 7. “Teenage Suicide,” 8. “Lonely Boy,” 9. “Main & Market,” 10. I’m Henry VIII I Am,” 11. “Little Arthur,” 12. “The Cops Are Coming,” 13. “Summertime Blues (Live),” 14. “Let's Face It (Live) and 15. “Big Fat Mama (Live).”

The five video tracks included are: 1. “Fast Food Baby,” 2. “Hooked On You,” 3. “(Meet Me At The) Hot Dog Stand (In Half An Hour But Don't Tell Your Dad),” 4. “Cincinnati Stomp” and 5. “Main & Market.” All video footage was recorded at Kent State University, circa 1979-1980, by media students and broadcast on campus TV. Visit Teacher’s Pet online at diyradio.net and the label at SmogVeil.com for more information and tour updates.

Smog Veil Records was founded in Cleveland, Ohio in 1991. The label is distributed by Morphius, Super D/DWI, Revolver, CTD Ltd., Southern, AEC, Forced Exposure, Get Hip, Galaxy, Subterranean, Cargo, Sonic Unyon (Canada) and digitally by The Orchard. Radio promotions will be handled in-house and Gale Rosenberg of Rock ‘n’ Retail handles retail marketing. Artists associated with the label include Peter Laughner, Complaints Choir, Pere Ubu, Thor, Unknown Instructors, Rocket From The Tombs, Amps II Eleven, New Christs (featuring Rob Younger of Radio Birdman) and Rubber City Rebels.

For press materials or additional information on Smog Veil Records or any of their releases, please contact Fly PR: T. (323) 667-1344 or flypr@flypr.net.

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